Rehabilitation & Wellness

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Rehabilitation & Wellness

Care and Treatment at Martha's Vineyard Hospital

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Rehabilitation and Wellness Center provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to both inpatients and outpatients. Our therapists provide individual and group care including, but not limited to patient education, home exercise programs, and self-management strategies.

  • Articulation (speech) Therapy
  • Augmentative Communication
  • Balance Retraining
  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Cranioscral and Manual Therapy
  • Ergonomic Evaluation
  • Hand Therapy
  • Integrative Manual Techniques and Myofascial Release
  • Language Therapy following stroke and/or traumatic brain injury
  • Lymphedema Management and Bandaging/Garments
  • Neck and Back Rehabilitation
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Rehabilitation
  • Pediatric Manual Therapy
  • Post-Surgical Cancer Support and Rehabilitation
  • Swallowing Assessment and Intervention
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation: Vertigo and other Vestibulopathy
  • Women’s Health
  • Pelvic Dysfunction
  • Incontinence Retraining
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Rehabilitation

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joint replacement surgeries took place at MVH in 2019.

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