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Our annual appeals provide us with financial resources critical to delivering the everyday medical services you and your family rely upon. We are committed to filling our hospital walls with the best staff, services and programs possible and the generosity of the island community is key to accomplishing that goal.

MVH Annual Fund

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Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is committed to providing coordinated, comprehensive and equitable healthcare to our entire community. Your partnership strengthens our standing as the leading healthcare provider for our island community.

Angels masquerading as human beings.

In May, Jim and Trulea Craig of Ellicot City, Maryland and their 3-year-old daughter, Elliot, visited Martha’s Vineyard. It was their first trip to the island, and they were enthralled with the beaches and the beauty. About 24 hours into their vacation, the fun stopped when Elliot started having stomach pains and was not her usual self.

Elliot has spent time in the NICU when she was born so her parents were terrified, especially since they were far from home. Trulea called the family pediatrician. Concerned about Elliot’s symptoms, the doctor suggested getting her to an urgent care right away.

At the ED, doctors and nurses spent the day ruling out things like appendicitis. Elliot’s condition worsened, her blood sugar dropped to dangerous levels, and it was clear the toddler needed more IV fluids.

“We went to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Emergency Room. I was shocked we were seen so quickly. We were met with professionalism and compassion and were in our room in two minutes.”

The moment she needed a second IV was one that now fills Elliot’s parents with emotion because of the care and compassion of the ED staff. “She was completely stressed out and scared… All of the nurses had 3 and 4-year-olds and when I told them Elliot’s favorite song is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song, they all burst out singing it. It was just the sweetest thing in the world.”

Throughout the process, the Craigs were impressed not only by the extraordinary care by staff, but also the technology available in the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital ED. A high-tech “vein detector” (the Veinlite) enabled doctors to locate a viable vein in Elliot’s tiny arm. After getting several bags of fluid and medicine, Elliot rebounded. “She had completely bounced back and was our little miracle baby again!”

Because of their wonderful experience at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, the Craig family won’t hesitate to return for vacations knowing that in an emergency critical care is available.

“From beginning to end, every single person that
we interacted with – the front desk personnel, our
physician assistant, the ultrasound technician, the
nurses, the phlebotomists – all were amazing and
compassionate and so sweet.”

At Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, we’re here for you, so we hope that during this time of giving, you can be here for us. It’s the generous commitment of supporters like you that help us provide world-class care every day. Care that was used that day to get Elliot feeling better again. Thank you for your support from Elliot and her family, and from all of us at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.

Your gift will help us ensure the high level of excellence to which we aspire.

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