Welcome to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital volunteer page. Here you will find ways to volunteer, how to apply, and whom to contact.


Types of volunteers

For Spring/Summer 2024, we are welcoming volunteers in three areas:

  1. Hospitality
    • Patient greeter – Be a friendly face as people enter the main entrance of the hospital. Provide them guidance and direction.

    • Patient escort – Our hospital is a big place with many hallways. Sometimes visitors need a help getting them to where they are going.

    • General hospital volunteer – We are bringing back a traditional role that was once referred to as a “candy striper.” Volunteers will visit selected patients’ rooms and offer reading materials, crossword puzzles, and a friendly visit.

  2. Special events/fundraising – Fundraising is an integral part of fulfilling the financial needs of our hospital. We host special events throughout the year and could use your help. You can volunteer for one day and one event or assist us at multiple events.

  3. Art collection – The hospital has an extensive art collection that has been donated by generous benefactors. We need assistance with cataloging the various pieces of artwork and their current locations, including updating the current cataloging system.

Time commitment

As a hospital volunteer, your time commitment could range between 2-4 hours once a week. Clinical and special events/fundraising could require more time.

Volunteer application

If you would like to join us as a volunteer, please complete our online Volunteer Registration Form.

What’s next?

Now that you have applied to volunteer, we will acknowledge receipt of the application with a follow-up email. Once the application is reviewed, you may be contacted to schedule an interview.

Volunteer Contact

For more information and questions, please email Michele Moore at