Healing Spaces
Healing Spaces at MVH

At Martha's Vineyard Hospital, we understand that healing extends beyond a patient and their medical care.

Healing Spaces
Healing Spaces at MVH

Overview: What are Healing Spaces?

At Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, we believe caring for our patients and community goes above and beyond the treatment and care they receive in our clinical spaces. It’s about creating a warm, welcoming, and healing atmosphere wherever they are in their care journey and on the hospital grounds.

As such, we make sure there are places throughout the facility that promotes healing for everyone. To appeal to a variety of individuals and their families, we have a variety of spaces. Feel free to explore all we have to offer in the information below.

The Edward Miller and Monina von Opel Art Collection at Martha's Vineyard Hospital

The Edward Miller and Monina von Opel Art Collection at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital was born in 2009 from the belief that art, in all its many forms, not only helps create a warm, welcoming and stimulating environment, but is an important part of the healing process.

And so began our quest to build a permanent collection of work by island artists to share with our patients, visitors, and staff. To our delight, we discovered that the wealth of talented artists who call the island home or their home away from home, is even richer than we realized. Our collection now has close to 900 works of art. Moreover, in the continuing spirit that built our 2010 hospital, every piece in the collection has been donated.

We are most grateful for the generosity and community support that has brought together this extraordinary collection.

Gardens & Other Spaces

Beyond the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Permanent Art Collection, we have other on-site healing areas. This includes our one-of-a-kind rooftop garden, a chapel, and more. Find the space that’s right for you and your family.

Rooftop Garden

Our patients and visitors enjoy the atmosphere of the island and a breath of fresh air by spending time on our rooftop garden.

Healing Garden

Among flowers and other native landscape, residents and visitors alike can find calm and comfort in our healing garden.

Meditation Room and Chapel

Regardless of what religion you practice, you can find peace of mind within our shared Meditation Room and Chapel.