Medical Records

Need a copy of your medical record from MVH? We can help.

Medical Records

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Your medical record is confidential. It may not be released without your written consent or that of your authorized representative. It contains:

  • The information you give the Patient Registration Office.
  • Reports of all work performed and all medications you received.
  • Documentation from doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.
Medical Records Release Form

Ways to get a copy of your medical record:

Medical records include, but are not limited to, a patient’s medical history, test results, office visit notes, discharge summary, and operative reports of treatments and medical services.

The Medical Records Department can provide you with copies of your medical records related to care at a facility.

The medical records offices are not available for patient walk-in services. If you need to collect records in person, please contact us at 617-726-2361 for possible options.

Please include the following information on the form:

  • Your full name at the time of treatment
  • Date of birth
  • Date(s) of treatment
  • The name and address of the person or facility to which disclosure is to be made
  • The kind and amount of information to be disclosed; for instance, “a summary of my hospitalization”
  • The purpose of the disclosure; for instance, “Continuing Care” or “Insurance”
  • Your signature
  • Date of consent
  • Photo identification will be needed when you pick up your records.

Usually you may expect a response within about two weeks unless your request is medically urgent. For urgent requests please allow 48 hours preparation time.

You may revoke your consent for the release of records at any time, unless the facility had already sent the forms under your consent. You may also specify a time frame for the disclosure. After that time, your consent becomes automatically invalid.

There may be a fee to cover our costs for this service. This fee will be waived if the records are being sent directly to a new physician and/or another healthcare facility.

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