MVH Profile: Marcela Pouliot, Physical Therapist

August 29, 2019

MVH Profile: Marcela Pouliot, Physical Therapist

What brought you to MVH?

I first came to the Vineyard in 1995 as a PT student for an internship at Windemere. I spent 12 weeks here, and during that time I met my husband and fell in love with the Island. I returned to the Island after graduating in 1996 from Northeastern University. In 2001 I joined the MVH outpatient rehabilitation department.

Could you describe a typical day as a physical therapist?

On a typical day, I see 10 patients with varied physical deficits. I see clients one-on-one, for 45-minute sessions.


What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

I love helping people get back to doing what they enjoy, and being able to participate fully in their life.

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