MVH Profile: Anthony D. Piland, Physician Assistant–Certified

July 31, 2018

MVH Profile: Anthony D. Piland, Physician Assistant–Certified

Anthony, how did you get to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital?

I initially worked with Rocco Monto, M.D in West Tisbury and in Nantucket. He decided to move to Nantucket full-time, and I decided to stay on the Vineyard after a position opened up in the MVH ER in 2011.

Can you tell us a little about your hobbies or interests?

I have been working on obtaining an M.B.A. from Quinnipiac University, so I tend to not have much free time for real hobbies. However, I enjoy working on my cars. I have a 1993 Range Rover Classic that I would like to restore at some point.

Tell us what would make people better understand the role of physician assistant.

The best way to understand the role of the PA is that we are an extension of the physicians that we work with. PAs and physicians work together as a team and rely on each other’s skill and knowledge to provide comprehensive care to patients.

A PA is trained to diagnose medical conditions, treat illnesses, prescribe medications, and perform procedures in collaboration with his/her supervising physician.

Do you have any fields of medicine you’re particularly interested in?

I have always enjoyed working in orthopedics and emergency medicine. Both of these specialties provide the opportunity for doing procedures which I enjoy — things like suturing, reducing fractures, assisting in surgery, and injections.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

The ability to care for people. I have truly enjoyed serving others, and find there is no greater feeling than to gain the trust of others and provide them with the best possible service that I can.Patients should always come first, and this has been my motto my entire career.